About Us

Yebo Volleyball is driven by a team of dedicated volunteers

Dominique de Ro

Dominique is a volunteer from Belgium passionate about volleyball and South-Africa. Being a mom she has a huge heart for disadvantaged children and wanted to share her passion with them. Was an international volleyball player for her country for 15 years and won 7 national championship titles, played European Championships and a World Cup.

Sheana-Alice Abrahams

Sheana is a volunteer from Cape Town who is passionate about youth development through sports. Sheana plays volleyball in her spare time and represented South Africa in both indoor and beach volleyball. She has a background in biokinetics and works in Talent Management for an online educational company.

Nienke Veerbeek

Nienke is a volunteer from the Netherlands now living in Cape Town who has a love for volleyball. She enjoys sharing the joy for the game and has a drive to change lives through sports.

Jerome Fredericks

Jerome is a volunteer from Cape Town who founded Beach Bums Volleyball, a social volleyball training program for locals and tourists. Beach Bums is a proud sponsor and supporter of Yebo Volleyball.

Chris Ahlfeldt

Chris is a volunteer from California now living in Cape Town who loves volleyball and used to compete for Stanford University. He volunteers in his spare time to help coach and run the program.


The school and volleyball project has invested a lot in me and my dream to become a professional volleyball player. It has given me the opportunity to travel to places I have never been and meet new people but most importantly has given me an opportunity to excel in something I'm very passionate about and to stay away from all the wrong doings in the townships!


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